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Carhartt WIP Sweats

The Carhartt WIP catalogue contains a broad range of sweats suitable for use as workwear, as light and flexible sportswear, or as comfortable casual wear. Including sweatshirts, jogging pants sweat shorts, and hoodies, Carhartt Work in Progress Sweat Pants and Jackets bring premium fabrics and enduring design to quality garments. Stylish, comfortable, and practical, Carhartt WIP sweats combine the very best of the brand’s heritage in workwear with a contemporary twist for the European market.

Dating back to late 19th century Detroit, the original Carhartt factory manufactured the now iconic denim and duck overalls for the city’s growing workforce. The Carhartt catalogue quickly expanded and began to include casual clothing alongside its well-respected workwear garments. Crossing the Atlantic, Carhartt WIP has taken this rich heritage and developed new lines that speak to modern athletic individuals.

Carhartt WIP Sweat Pants and Jackets are now considered a staple of the Carhartt catalogue. Featuring a variety of distinctive color combinations that speak to the classic aesthetic characteristic of Carhartt, this collection of sweats is at once familiar while remaining at the cutting edge of modern fashion. Contemporary cuts define this collection of tracksuits, while modern manufacturing processes ensure both comfort and utility.

Carhartt WIP Sweat Pants and Jackets – Enduring Athleticism

Whether out on the track or running the streets, Carhartt WIP Sweat Pants and Jackets are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use. The 100% Cotton Sweat fabric that underpins many items within the collection provides both flexibility and durability in each garment. Other features, such as adjustable hoods and waistbands, help to provide extra comfort.

Carhartt Work in Progress sweats also bring together some of the most eye-catching graphic designs found anywhere in the Carhartt catalogue. The iconic Carhartt logo is found splashed across sweatshirts and hoodies in a number of classic and contemporary styles, giving Carhartt WIP Sweat Pants and Jackets a truly original and authentic look.