Scott Bourne - "A Room With No Windows" Book Launch 31.01.2013!

January 21, 2013

Come to the book launch of Scott Bourne's new book "A Room With No Windows" in London/ UK at "Beach London" on the 31st of January 2013 between 19:00h and 21:00h and meet Scott Bourne. He will be there to sign his book!

Based around the author’s real life adventures, A Room With No Windows possesses deep erotic tones, as well as the idea of soul searching through sex. Heavily plot driven it is a first person narrative that takes you on a historical roller coaster ride through a turbulent San Francisco of the 90’s. A powerful, urgent, electric tale of comradery and perilous true love set in a city that’s being pulled out from under its’ characters by capitalism, AIDS and the isolation of modern life. Gritty and unflinching language sprung from Southern roots relays heists, petty scams, genuine friendship and finally the transformative loss of the person you didn't realize was your home. 

Praise for A Room With No Windows

With the same poet's passion and wounded grace as Henry Miller's notebooks or Jim Carroll's Basketball Diaries, Scott Bourne has written letters and urgent postcards stamped with anarchy and addressed from the underbelly and underclass of San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. A Room With No Windows sheds literary light onto streets where the postman has more to worry about than barking dogs. 

-Robert Mailer Anderson-

Fearlessly truthful, Scott Bourne's writings do the impossible, they reach from the page and physically grab, slap, kick, then caress and kiss. Ultimately, he touches your heart like no other.

-Shinji Eshima-

Emotional, raw, and pure of heart (if not of mind and body), Scott Bourne defines “by any means necessary.” A poet, a brute, a feaster upon life and an inscriber of experience.

-Mark Whiteley-

Scott Bourne writes like he lives: wild, inappropriate, balls-out, searching, demonstrative, absolute. If you think you might get queasy or righteous, put it down now. This kind of book doesn't make it past a lot of editors or agents these days.

-Beth Lisick-

I love the way Scott Bourne thinks and what he writes is ink under the skin. Each page is an imaginative, thought-provoking, in-the-raw session in time, painful and permanent.

-Stanlee Gatti-

(Bastian Loewen)