January 14, 2011

“This Summer the UK Carhartt team spent two weeks exploring what Cornwall had to offer…”

“Cornwall forms the tip of the South-Western peninsula of Great Britain. Bordered to the North and West by the Atlantic ocean, to the South by the English Channel and to the East by the county of Devon. We were based in Hayle and did our best to visit the whole surrounding area.

Jerome Campbell, Neil Smith, Joe Gavin, Rob Smith and Rogie make up the UK team, Danish rider Hjalte Halberg joined us too. Bertrand Trichet was our photographer and filmer for the trip was the mastermind behind Palace Skateboards Lev Tanju. We were joined skating and helped out by the local knowledge of Gerrard Watts.

Two articles are running now with different photos in each. One in Soma and one in the Christmas issue of Sidewalk. Get your hands on either of these to see more of what we got up to and enjoy Lev’s edit and these photos!”

- Words by Jacob Sawyer

- All photos by Bertrand Trichet

- Video edited by Lev Tanju

(Bastian Loewen)