October 01, 2010

Last winter Carhartt teamed up with Catalunian audiovisual production house “La Neta Lab” for some high shutterspeed experimenting…

We rented an industrial camera that can shoot up to 500 frames per second and got up early so there was light enough to fill each and every one of them. We steered away from the overcrowded center and ventured into the outskirts of Barcelona with some quiet, peaceful spots in mind. With the rented gear and only three days to film, we definitely weren’t looking for any unneeded attention.

When the filming started, one idea was floating around. The guys from the lab wanted a slow-motion character to meet a person living life at a normal pace. Here are the results. Featuring Julian Furones, Phil Zwijsen and Bram De Cleen!

- Words by Bram De Cleen

- Music by Rockford Cabine “La Caccia” Combination Records

- All photos by Bertrand Trichet

- Music by Rockford Cabine “Italo Calvino” Combination Records


“Laneta is a group of friends in Barcelona turned into audiovisual production. Like many others, we tried to do what we like and sometimes we succeed.

The idea behind the video with the photographer was to shoot with a high speed camera and mix and combine characters that were in slow motion with others who were at normal speed. It occurred to us that the effect would be great if it applied to the world of skateboarding. We got in touch with Carhartt and so did the project.”

- Words by “La Neta Lab”
Filmmakers: Pol Penas y David Paco
D.O.P: Pol Orpinell
Camera Assistant: Iñaki Gorraiz.

- All photos by La Neta Lab

(Bastian Loewen)