July 29, 2008

Black Cross Bowl built in ten days, with the locals of basel. In memory of my father Torsten Alv and my grandfather Bengt Alv, dedicated to skateboarding.
- Pontus Alv

Ever seen an illicit bar in a sailing boat on abandoned railway?
Well, I know one just beside Pontus Alv’s latest realization: the Black Cross Bowl in Basel, Switzerland. If you’ve seen the remarkable video he’s done last year* you know he’s always ready to put his hands in a mix of concrete to build obstacles around town, any town, and you also know he can skate them. This summer, he went to Basel with his friends and got busy building a pretty weird looking bowl with multiple extensions, super tight corners, full pool coping, a built-in BBQ and a very strange and ridable cross which made it look like a skate monument. The masterpiece was finished right on time for the weekend of the European Skateboard Championships held each year in the city. Although it’s tight transitions made it close to impossible to skate, heated sessions were going off all weekend long. Some very good skaters made very good tricks but none of them got close to skate the spot like Pontus did. He totally killed it with sick, stylish and never-ending runs when others were just trying to figure out a way to break in the bumpy, tight and treacherous transitions. Was the cross here because Pontus killed the bowl or because the bowl killed many of those who tried to imitate The Man ? I’m not sure yet but what I’m certain of is that I’m going back there as soon as I can. If you don’t mind feeling like a beginner again but still have a great time, you too should go grab a beer in the pirate boat and get beaten up by the Black Cross Bowl