Summer 2011 - Carhartt Outdoor Supply

May 23, 2011

Either if it’s a picnic at the park, experiencing beach memories, or just hanging out on some rooftop – with these essential items you’re all set to enjoy summer until late October.

Portable BBQ Grill

It fits into a small bag or backpack, is easy to operate, and will definitely serve to satisfy your hunger. The Carhartt Barbecue Set puts an end to the irksome hauling about of heavy sacks of coal for spontaneous barbecues in the park.

carhartt bbq grill

Just a few lumps of charcoal will do to fire up this compact grill. Due to its lightweight construction the Carhartt Barbecue Set is a friend to campers everywhere. Best friends with the Carhartt Sleeping Bag, this BBQ is the perfect piece of equipment that will guarantee all lovers of the Great Outdoors a very comfortable stay during those lovely
summer nights spent under a canopy of stars.

And here’s a small selection of tools that might come in handy as well

All items are available now at your Carhartt WIP authorized dealer.