Alexander Basile - Fall/Winter 2011 VHS Clip

November 15, 2011

Photographer Alexander Basile has created a new video clip for Carhartt. It is number five in a series of clips that Carhartt WIP is releasing for its Fall/Winter 2011 campaign. 

Like its predecessors, the 3:40 minute video is a captivating visual poem. Basile’s imagery is at the same time hauntingly beautiful but also deeply imbued with a darkness bordering on the uncanny. In his video work for Carhartt WIP, Alexander Basile juxtaposes restlessness with stillness, exclusion with intimacy, and nostalgia with unadorned reality. In doing so, he has captured snapshot moments that seem to be without beginning or end. They are events that seem to stream past the mind’s eye like the fragmentary memories of an almost forgotten dream. The past, present and the future melt into one. The haunting impression of the clip is augmented by its perfectly chosen soundtrack: an atmospheric track by French duo Idioma. This is, no doubt, a little screen gem and a real piece of art.