Public Provocations Video

June 19, 2009

Public Provocations is a contemporary cross section of works from living legends and young talents. Watch the video from the exhibition opening with artists like Seen, Blek Le Rat, Toast, Shok1, and many more.

About Public Provocations
Art lives from its colours and its interpreters. Public Provocations shows the artistic work from Europe to the United States with exhibits from artists like Seen and Blek le Rat, which have embossed particulas styles and are inspirational to many aspiring artists. Toast and Dare—known to a worldwide audience due to their redesign of Gunther Sachs apartment—also belong to the 16 artists of Public Provocations besides further style defining and very individual young artists.

It’s not only colours, canvas and frames but also installations, cuckoo clocks and new ways of artistic expression. Public Provocations is more than urban and multi-faceted. Here one can see what a provocation can become—A form of art and expression with urban origin connected to character and authenticity.

Public Provocations
at Carhartt Gallery
Schusterinsel 9
Weil am Rhein

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