Art Clash 2009 In Pictures

June 17, 2009

Team Battle has been the theme of this year’s Art Clash in Zurich and a clash it was. 10 teams with two artists per team have been invited from all around Europe to compete against each other over 3 rounds, painting and drawing on different objects.

Art Clash is a live art-tournament hailing from the Swiss art-collective Die Seiner. Created in 2005 Art Clash takes the concept of traditional Reggae clash events and using art instead, it provides a platform for artists, illustrators and designers to express themselves in front of a live audience showing off skills, techniques and how ideas of creation are realized.

This year’s line up consisted of illustrious names like?Apocalypse mon amour, Brosmind, Icon73, Inkfetish, Balrog, Jones, Khat Faktory, Malik, Monsta, Nadaone, Onur, Permanent Unit, ro*, Schwarzmaler 15er, Toastconcept

See how the 10 groups performed throughout the three rounds in our gallery.
In round 1 all teams had to paint three blank FREITAG bags within 90 minutes with black markers by keeping the bags intact.

The best six out of ten teams made it to round 2 in which they had to build a character out of three big cardboard boxes by using at least 50% of the cardboard and giving the character two eyes. Colour and shape were arbitrary.

The final round 3 confronted finalists Brosmind (Spain), Permanent Unit (Austria), and Team Stereotype (Switzerland) with the hatch of a car to be customized. Team Stereotype instantly began repainting the glass, Brosmind started with maskingtape and Permanent Unit covered the whole back window with pink plastic.

Carhartt is happy to be a partner of this amazing event, but check for yourself:

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Art Clash official website