Artist Feature: Breton Part 1.

September 01, 2012

Squatters with attitude: the London based collective Breton lives in an abandoned bank where the band exchanges creative ideas instead of money.

Band members Roman Rappak, Adam Ainger, Ian Patterson, Daniel McIlvenny, and Ryan McClarnon originally teamed up in 2010 to make films. They wanted to create visual adventures accompanied live by specially engineered music scores and soundscapes. At first, finding a place to work was their greatest challenge. Eventually, they discovered an abandoned South London bank and turned it into their basecamp and studio, BretonLABS. Since then, they have also created remixes and video clips for artists like Tricky and The Temper Trap. Their own music has an unconventional, atmospheric style, including wailing sirens, screeching subway trains, and strange field recordings. You can also hear the influences of Portishead, Michael Jackson, NWA, and Quincy Jones in their debut album Other People’s Problems. Before joining the roster of FatCat Records, the band released three critically acclaimed EPs. During their celebrated live shows they do not only manipulate guitars, bass, synths, drums, and laptops to create a truly original mélange of HipHop, electronica, and cinematic soundscapes. Onstage, they are lit only by the glow of their emphatic self-shot visuals, cut and edited live, in real-time by their touring fifth member. We talked to Breton’s mastermind Roman Rappak about their life and creation. In our soon to be released new Carhartt Brand Book you find another large interview with the band and some unique photo shoots by Alexander Basile. The big interview will be online soon at, too.

(picture: Marc Sethi)

How did you select the tracks for your Carhartt Radio show?

Roman Rappak: We wanted to make a mix that had a range of different tracks, rather then just a dance mix. There are some Hip Hop tracks, some dancey tracks, some field recordings, and also some unreleased stuff.

What do you find most challenging about the work you do?

Roman Rappak: The only challenge is to make music, films and graphics that interest us, and keep us excited.

How do you think your generation is going to leave its mark on music?

Roman Rappak: I think the landscape of what musicians do, and music itself has changed so dramatically that it will be a while before its clear how much of a revolution there has been. Music has been reclaimed by the people that listen to it.

How does living in London shape the work of Breton ?

Roman Rappak: Living in any major city always means that there are lots of ideas and inspiration. We get to listen to amazing bands and djs, and the network of filmmakers, musicians, producers etc means that there are always some interesting projects happening.

What is your favorite music video of all time?

Roman Rappak: That's a very difficult question. I really like Blur's End of the Century video, and a lot of Nabil's videos.

What bands are you into at the moment?

Roman Rappak: At the moment we are driving to a Festival in Germany where Casiokids are playing at about 2am. So we have been listening to them loads on the flight over.

What old albums you rediscovered lately and what makes them special?

Roman Rappak: Third by Portisead. Its a work of art.

What records from the past coined your live?

Roman Rappak: Talking Heads - Stop Making Sense

If you could be in any band, living or dead, for a day which band would it be?

Roman Rappak: The Prodigy in the very early days.

What are your guilty pleasures?

Roman Rappak: Our bandmate Ryan really likes Katy Perry. He's not being ironic.

If you could spend a night partying with any of your icons, who would it be?

Roman Rappak: Will Self.

What superpower would you like to have?

Roman Rappak: Being able to be in lots of places at once.

What’s your life motto?

Roman Rappak: Don't trust someone with a motto!

Who would you want to play you in film about your life?

Roman Rappak: Katy Perry.

What are 5 words that would describe your personal fashion style?

Roman Rappak: "Industrial-Indie"-"Sketch-Wave"-"Merch"

Where is heaven on earth for you?

Roman Rappak: Adam FatCat's Evil Mountain Mansion in NY.

What’s your poison?

Roman Rappak: Talisker.

You are located in London. What are your favorite spots and secrets in your hometown that you would recommend to somebody that comes around for a visit?

Roman Rappak:

BoilerRoom at Corsica
New Cross
Queen of Hoxton roof cinema


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