Frankfurt: more Funkmosphere

May 28, 2012

DâM-FunK is still grooving around Europe and upcoming Wednesday he stops at six in the evening in our Carhartt Store in Frankfurt to play an exclusive DJ set.

When the man from Los Angeles spins records you can be sure to dance to music that is rare to hear. Because DâM-FunK is a dedicated record digger and his specialty are dance tunes from the early 1980s sometimes known as Boogie-Funk. The so called Funkmosphere he creates during his sets is characterized by mid-tempo rhythms, melodic chords, and crackling synthesizer sounds that immediately encourage you to dance. On top of it his skills as an animator are so entertaining that even the biggest party pooper get into gear. After his show in our Store the party continues in one of the finest club's in the Milky Way: the infamous Robert Johnson!

Come by and get funked by one of the last real funkateers on earth!

05/30/2012 - Carhartt Store - Frankfurt - DE