September 23, 2010

Together with UDG we come up with a brand-new DJ bag solution that makes all DJ’s happy – whatever format they prefer to spin around with.

To stow away and carry around the holy trinity of DJ formats – the record, the disc, and the notebook computer – we invented in cooperation with UDG a marvelous all-in-one solution that can hold your laptop, your vinyl collection, and your CDs, all at the same time.

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In order to find that out if our new solution works perfect, we asked a select circle of DJs to test the Carhartt X UDG bag for us. They used it in their daily businesses, jam-packed it with their gear, gadgets, and record collections, hauled it around on flights, from continent to continent, from club to club, and exposed it to all sides of a DJ’s life.

Soon at this place Cosmin TRG, Benji B, and Modeselektor talk about their experiences with our new Carhartt X UDG bag.

(Carl Craig / Detroit / Planet E)